Drop the IM from Impossible  

So, What do you do?

When I meet people, they ask me what I do?  I tell them I work in IT.  This invariably leads them to ask me:

“So, you fix computers?”  Well, sort of, but not really. 

I then tell them I specialize in GRC.  If their eyes haven’t glazed over, I explain that GRC is Governance, Risk, and Compliance.  I help companies try to keep their systems secure and the bad guys out.  I try to be concise to keep them from growing bored.   

So, you deal with hackers? Well, sort of, but there’s much more to it. 

If they are still awake and listening, I explain that information technology is the life blood of a company, and that data is the new “oil.”  It’s important to understand how to oversee (manage) the technology, mitigate risks, and be in compliance with regulations.  At first blush, this seems impossible.  Just pick up one IT regulation and try to read it or meet with one attorney who specializes in Privacy, data laws, or contracts.  My goal is to make what seems to be impossible, possible.    

If you’d like to be part of this riveting dialogue, drop me a line.

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